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This was one of the best massages I've ever had.  Patrice paid attention to trouble spots. Very Relaxing!  I feel great !  Sandy M. Pittsburgh, Pa.

Thank you so much for a very pleasurable experience.   Jackie B  Gresham, Or

Patrice,  a profound Thank You !  You have a gift.  Blessings,  Pam

Thank you for being such a blessing.   Cindy

Patrice, I completely appreciate you.  You Rock !  Most Sincere,   Renee

You are very precious.  Blessings,   Chris W.

I feel lucky to have such physical & emotional peace today.  Thank you for a truly wonderful experience!  Sara E.

Patrice , you make me so centered.  Your wonderful !  Thanks,  Larry

I feel so light, relaxed and younger !  Thank you !   Darlene L.

Patrice,  Thank you so much.  Once Again you have made me feel so pampered & completely relaxed !  You are truly gifted.  Kari  A.  

Patrice,                                                                                1/19/14

I think I am finally mentally sorted enough to tell you how I am after my session with you. :D

Before the session I was thinking about how I wanted you to dig REALLY deep--so deep that even if I threw up as a result I would be happy--but I never said anything because I trusted that the process would unfold as it should. It made me laugh when I pulled the Help card because it felt like my childlike plea was still coming through even though I had decided not to say anything (about wanting to dig deep). That night I had one of my rare dreams that feel more real than waking reality. In it I was running alongside massive dinosaurs! I was totally in awe of their enormous size, power and beauty.

I do believe that a dream regression back to dinosaurs accurately proves that we dug deep!

Yesterday I felt "better" but it was unquantifiable. I didn't know what felt better, or how, I just felt better! Today I feel like "my old self again" but it is not like any "old self" that I have experienced yet in this lifetime.

I want to say it feels like you managed to do soul retrieval (or something along those lines) for me because I feel so much more "whole" than I did before the session, and yet this is a feeling I didn't have as a child or young adult so it feels like integration with something lost long ago.

You are a lot more powerful and skilled than you give yourself credit for. I am not a newbie to holistic healing methods but in all that I have tried, your session and Rolfing are the only things that have had strong, obvious, and profound effect for me.  You are the real deal and other people could really benefit from your synergistic approach!

I may want to do one or two more sessions with you in the future. I know there are always higher rungs of healing and wholeness to climb to, but I also feel so darn whole and complete right now that part of me thinks I am perfect right as I am now!

So much love to you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Jacqueline

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