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Investing in your physical health is an investment in your life.  Regain your zest for Life with a session that is totally individualized to what your body wants to resynchronize at that moment, to bring balance, energy and desire for living life to the fullest in your personal way.

With Muscle Testing (neuromuscular biofeedback) I access your bodies innate wisdom and address your bodies highest priority in the right sequence.  This enables your body to make the best use of the techniques and to realign and reconnect the areas that have lost communication.  Your body knows how to rebalance, if all circuits and resources are connected to each other.

A session may include CranioSacral Therapy, The BodyTalk System, Nurturing Massage, Flower Essences,  AromaTherapy with Young Living Oils,  Journeywork, or  Astrology.

The BodyTalk System is a consciousness based system of energy medicine, designed to facilitate your body's innate wisdom in healing in the appropriate sequence. The BodyTalk System incoroporates principles from western medicine, structural alignment from chiropractic, using the meridians and elements from chinese medicine.  BodyTalk also works with beliefs, the unconscious mind, memories of events affecting you still, and much more.

CranioSacral Therapy is a modality that helps your body unwind from trauma, release holding patterns, and emotional energy cysts, giving free movement to the muscles, joints, connective tissue, thereby relieving aches, pain and discomfort from your daily life.

CranioSacral Therapy - For Mama's and Babies is to specifically help keep Mama aligned and comfortable through her pregnancy, and to help the infant after birth and to make sure the cranial bones are as they should be.  Sometimes difficulty with nursing is a result of a muscle spasm that can be released easily.  Babies are so willing to unwind and it is almost effortless for them, it is a joy to work with Newborns, they are so full of joy and clarity.  These sessions can be done at your birthing place or your home after the birth, for ease of the family.  Other members of the family can be treated as well at the same time.  Add an additional $20 for travel.

Massage Therapy is interspersed when needed during the session, with Trigger Point Therapy or Neuro-Muscular Meridian work.

Flower Essences work subtly on an emotional level, to have emotional calm and balance is to have health.  Dis-ease is a lack of comfort in your emotional self and spirit and can then lead to dis-harmony and dis-comfort in your body.  The pain we feel is the final message, that there is something out of balance.

Aromatherapy is used in the same way, to compliment the change being created in the session, so, through muscle testing I ask if we need support from an oil that will facilitate a smoother and enhanced result. 

Rain Drop Therapy is a series of Oils dripped along your spine, massaged in, followed by a heat pack.  Can also include a massage on legs, arms and relaxing face neck and shoulder massage depending on amount of time desired.  I use a non greasy creme that nourishes your skin.  Additional $5 for the Oils.

JourneyWork may also be used if the body desires to go back to an experience to achieve greater understanding, and to resolve issues that have resulted in unresolved emotions.

Astrology Reading can give you insight into the questions you may have about your personality, and your life.  A Basic Reading can help you understand why you respond to life the way you do.

 I like to keep it simple so you can integrate the information and gain a greater understanding of your personal life.  We can also look at the current influences and how they are affecting you personally today.

Astrological Journeying also gives an opportunity to gain a deeper awareness of a planets influence on your personality and how to use that knowledge to heal your life, as well as to use it to your benefit.

OR You can choose a mix and we will see what is first and learn what we need to know for you today.

Minimum of 30 minutes  $55

60 Minutes  $85.

90 Minutes $ 115.

Optimal session is 90 mins if we are including several modalities                          however alot can be accomplished in 30 minutes if we get right to the session




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